About the Founder

ALSEDDIK Sweets is among the most reputed brands in Arabic confectionery in the world. Established in Al-Amara, Syria in 1951, we’ve always been at the forefront of popularizing Arabic sweets. The exquisite range of our delicacies are now delivered around 100 countries with the help of our own retails outlets, manufacturing units, and distributing partners.

We now run an extensive business network, which includes more than 500 stores in different locales of Syria. And we also have various factories and retail outlets in all other major Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE (in Dubai and Sharjah), Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt.

Among the famous sweet delicacies all over the world, Arabic sweets have gained a prominent status as it emerges from a tradition of hospitality spanning over thousands of years. And what we do at ALSEDDIK is spreading that rich legacy of quality, tastiness, and innovation with a delightful collection of sweets.

Success Story

The success story of ALSEDDIK is rooted in the vision of its founder late Mr. Al Haj Adnan Kazziha (1925 - 1989), a pioneer in the business of Arabic confectionery manufacturing and delivery. With a dedicated team of culinary experts, he brought about a revolution in this arena, setting an unrivaled benchmark. It’s been 65 years since the brand came into being, and still, ALSEDDIK keeps up with the values established by Mr. Adnan. And that same passion inspires the company to come up with new sweets varieties and improve the existing ones.

The pursuit of excellence its founder envisioned is the guiding force of ALSEDDIK, which makes it unparalleled and trendy all the time. We follow unique, world-class quality standards in all the undertakings. Our customer-centric approach places us among the most trusted Arabic confectionary providers in the region. Food safety, maintenance of the working environment and staff training is part and parcel of ALSEDDIK’s quality control policy. We have a planned maintenance program covering all our plants and equipment. Also, we operate a comprehensive safety management system as required by the Statutory Laws of the countries where our sweets are sold.

Our sustainability policy is manifest in the materials and ingredients we use. The raw materials are chosen in line with the health benefits and nutritional values they provide. And our unique customer care strategy helps us develop a great intimacy with our clients. Indeed, we are passionate about the sweet varieties we prepare and deliver. It’s this care for every aspect of the preparation that makes us a favorite for all who love Arabic sweet.


Expanding the brand reach of ALSEDDIK Sweets by leveraging our great tradition and technological advancements in the confectionary industry.


To be recognized as the most trusted Arabic sweets provider in the world with top-grade products and services that meet the tasty and healthy choices of our customers.